Trivia Night Results

1st Place: Taco Cat (165 points)
2nd Place (tie): Radical Quizlam (141 points)
2nd Place (tie): Table 14 (141 points)
3rd Place: @marge.memes (134 points)
4th Place: Ellis got fostered (132 points)
5th Place: Space Pirates (129 points)
6th Place: Psychic Seven (126 points)
7th Place: The Awesome Soupa Cool Unicorns (125 points)
8th Place: PYT (119 points)
9th Place: Look Busy (117 points)
10th Place: Fidget Spinners United (113 points)
11th Place: Leaping Bunnies (110 points)
12th Place: The Five Amigos (105 points)
13th Place: Pink Poison Reunion (101 points)
14th Place: Marcels (96 points)
15th Place: Daddy Salem (88 points)
16th Place: The Burnt Raisins (60 points)

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