Why Mark Day School?

What distinguishes Mark Day School? From the careful consideration and extensive research we put into our curriculum to the familiarity and comfort of our inclusive community, Mark Day School is a place where students build the confidence, skills, and knowledge they will carry with them for life.

Thoughtfully Innovative

We believe that how a student learns is essential to what a student learns. Every facet of our programs and every single decision come from an extensive process of discussion, research, and testing. We continually evaluate our program with careful self-study and outside review. For example, students start learning Spanish and Mandarin in kindergarten because research shows that younger learners are better able to mimic new sounds and learning a foreign language improves cognitive abilities and brain function. Students have daily PE for physical benefits and because it helps kids focus.


Community forms the heart of who we are as a school. Whether classmates, parents, teachers, or staff members, we are comparable to a big family at Mark Day. Everyone is known and encouraged to be their authentic selves. At our twice-weekly all-school assemblies, we come together to share news, celebrate achievements, tell jokes, and perform. Students develop friendships across grades, teaming up with their buddies for reading and field trips, spirit days and community engagement projects. It's cool to be smart at Mark Day School. Kids, faculty, and parents celebrate students' successes and passions inside and outside of the classroom. Maintaining a diverse and inclusive community is key in everything we do.

Academically Challenging

Our kindergarten through 8th grade curriculum is thoughtfully interconnected and woven together. Students are challenged in age-appropriate ways by a rigorous, thoughtful curriculum, and they graduate from Mark Day School poised to succeed as they move to high school and beyond. Students learn about topics in great depth with lessons that often span across multiple subjects, connect with other grades, and use project-based learning. We also recognize that to succeed in the world, another educational layer is needed. We call this layer our cross-disciplinary literacies. Classrooms at Mark Day extend well beyond four walls--into the garden, abroad in South Africa, on the playground, and in the media. Our cross-cultural partnerships teach students to build relationships with different cultures and communities, understanding that we all have something to teach and to learn. Through social-emotional learning classes, students learn how to understand and navigate one's own emotions as well as others'. Ecological literacy reminds students that we are all a part of Earth's ecosystem and responsible for being stewards of the environment; they tend to the garden, feed our school chickens, and compost their lunches. Media and information literacy, practiced across grades, familiarizes students with current technology and brings awareness to media messages.

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