Tuition Assistance

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As you search for the right school for your child(ren), you may find that financing an independent school education represents a challenge for your family. We urge you not to let the cost of tuition stand in the way of considering Mark Day School. We are committed to enrolling a socioeconomically diverse community of families, and we work individually with each family to help make our school an affordable option.

Mark Day School has two types of assistance available: financial aid (FA) and the Tuition Support Program (TSP). Together, they provide over $1.6 million to assist eligible families who otherwise would not be able to enroll. We offer grants to qualified families ranging from $4,000 to $29,000 depending on overall financial need. Reviewing our Spectrum of Eligibility may help you determine the program that will best fit your family’s financial profile.

Applying for Financial Aid

Additional information regarding Mark Day School FA application requirements can be found here. For further information and guidelines on applying for FA please visit the SSS website. Please use our school code: 6729.

What If I Need Help But Don’t Qualify for Regular Financial Aid?

Our Tuition Support Program (TSP) may be the right option for your family if your income is too high to qualify for traditional financial aid but find that affording full tuition is a challenge. This program provides up to $4,000 of tuition relief (per child). For more information and an application form for TSP please click here.

Applications for both FA and TSP must be submitted by January 11, 2016.


If you need personal assistance regarding the application or qualification process, please contact our Financial Aid Coordinator, Sue Hickey at (415) 472-8000, ext. 1009, or