Honor Code

Mark Day School's honor code was developed by seventh and eighth grade students during Upper Division orientation in 2003. On the first day of orientation, teachers acted out skits to demonstrate dishonorable behavior. Afterwards, students discussed topics that arose out of the teachers’ role-playing in a large group. The next day, student mentor groups met individually to create an honor code. The groups then convened to compare what they had each written. The result was adopted by all Upper Division students. The statement reads as follows:

In their academic performance and in their relationships with peers and adults, students are expected to develop and exhibit honorable behavior through showing respect, acting courteously, being helpful, participating fully and demonstrating honesty with themselves and others.”

Students and teachers sign a contract at the start of each school year, committing to behave honorably.

While developing, students also discussed strategies for achieving honorable behavior. They agreed upon a set that are now known as the 20 Habits of Mindfulness:

  1. Practice self-reliance.
  2. Listen to your conscience.
  3. Find common ground.
  4. Build trust and comfort.
  5. Take risks.
  6. Own your mistakes.
  7. Be courageous.
  8. Be sensitive to others.
  9. Make eye contact.
  10. Use body language.
  11. Be inclusive.
  12. Use a multicultural lens.
  13. Be dependable.
  14. Tell the truth.
  15. Use discretion.
  16. Use good judgment.
  17. Resist social pressure.
  18. Avoid taking advantage.
  19. Avoid using violence.
  20. Avoid trouble.

Created by grades seven and eight, August 27, 2003