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2016-17 donations as of 5/25/2017.

Elizabeth Adams '01

Lyn and Jim Adams

Heather Zehren Albinson and Tim Albinson

Ramesh and Julian Allen

Nick Allen

Prisila and Luis Almengor

Kara Anderman and David Anderman

Anonymous (4)

The Bacciocco Family

Jasmine and Walter Bachtiger

Ananya and Sudip Banerjee

Jackie Bango

Jennifer Banks

The Barad Family

Lindsay and Tony Bartsh

Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt

Sharina and Jay Belani

Deena and Jeff Bellman

Krista Bendinelli

Linda Wong and Joseph Benga

Tina and Steven Betz

Carol and Ken Biehle

Kyle and Margot Biehle

Genevieve and Andrew Biggs

Victoria and Brad Billington

Nicolle Henneuse

Gloria and Elliott Birnberg

Anna Bischoff '04

Monica and Pablo Bizjack '82

Vinesa Blackwell

Nurite Regev and Robert Blechman

Sharon and Ted Block

Sara Schwartz and Kenneth Blum

Mary Clare Bly '87 and Colin Bly

Jacquie and Tom Bly

Sandy and Dennis Bohm

Elizabeth Bonzell

Alex Boodrookas '02

Diane Boodrookas '06

Joan and Nick Boodrookas

Trenton Boorman '03

Cheryl and Kevin Bower

Vicki and John Box

Ann and Paul Brenner

Joann and Scot Brew

Chris Broderick '06

John Broderick '10

Wendy and Patrick Broderick

Melinda and Jesse Bromberg

Monica Rosenberg and Michael Brook

Malini and Colin Brown

Annette Brown

Carol and Joe Brum

Ann S. Buckner

Avvy Mar and Michael Budwig

Kristina and Scott Buer

Lori and John Butler

Mary Buttaro

Shawna Callahan

Amy Carlson McConnell

Dr. Annette Perry-Carrera and Frank Carrera

Marco Castillo '14

Natalia Castillo '16

Tracy Caton and Howard Cummings

Atashi Chakravarty and Jon Janzen

Emily Chang '92

Archana and Vijay Chattha

Joyce Chen

Helen Kennedy and Adrian Cheong

Liz and Doug Chiang

Jennifer and Bard Chrisman

Kristin and Leland Clemons

Courtney and Jack Coghlan

Gigi and Rick Condos

Geneva and Jack Conway

Brooke and Matt Conway

Michelle and Stephen Cotton

Tonya and Bryan Crapo

Donna and Dick Creighton

Julia Croom

Sue Crowther

Kim Danforth

Barbara and Richard Danne

Sonya Danne and Chris Danne

Cathy and Jim Delano

Sally DePiro

Amie Dewane

Kristin and Andrew Dickinson

Georgette and Emerson Dickman

Risa and Lewis Dimm

Alex Dobbs

Elle and Joseph Doerr

Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm

Marilyn and Richard Dornhelm

Sandy and Dick Drew

Iwona and Keith Dunne

Fabiana and Robert Duque-Ribeiro

Jennifer and James Dutro

Heather Kessinger and Jon Eberly

Claudia and David Eiseman

Mrs. Jane A. Eiseman

Theresa and George Eisenberg

Rebecca and Adam Elegant

Roni and Ira M. Elegant

Augustine and Dominique Elissiry

Pamela and Bryce Emo

Sarah and Nils Erdmann

Cynthia and Doug Erickson

Megan and John Esrey

Dana and Jerry Evans

Katy and Tim Evans

Jill Witty and Graham Evarts

Marisa and Peter Evers

Robin and Duncan Fallat

Ronnie and William Feldman

Yolanda Ferguson

Brian Ferris '82

Marion Fitch Connell

Diana and Timothy Fitzpatrick

Beth and Adam Fliss

Ia Forrester

Wendy and Alexander Fraser

Eleanor and Duncan Fraser

Bill Freeman

Kathryn Freeman

Pierce Freeman '10

Cathleen and William Freeman

Rachel and Jamie Freundlich

Tatiana and Bjorn Fruchtman

Jane and Ray Fukui

Sydney and Richard Funamura

Claire Galla '14

Tracy and Len Galla

Taylor Galla '10

Michelle Mulkey and Nathaniel Garrett

Eva Geisse '09

Jennifer Geisse '03

Lisa and John Geisse

Sarah Geisse '05

Kelly Giddings

Karen Gilchrist

Marcy Charap Ginsburg '85 and Don Ginsburg

Louisa Ransom Gloger '92 and Drew Gloger

Michelle and Jodi Goodman

Gaelle and Brian Gordon

Lisa Gordon

Doris Stoermer and Kevin Gorski

Lawrence T. Gorski

Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski

Megan and Jed Greene

Tiffany and Ed Greenfield

Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf

Reetika and Sajot Grewal

Anna Semenova and Hayk Grigoryan

Adrienne Low and Robin Grindley

Katherine Gutierrez '16

Robbie and Phil Gutierrez

Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund

Dr. Joseph and Semira Habis

Katherine and Otto Halboth

Theresa Hall and Jeffrey Palladini

Ann Hamon

Erin and Brian Hansen

Tracy and Jon Harding

Veronica and Robert Harris

Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey

Teri and Brian Hauswirth

Rita Hayes

Lisa Hayle

Vickie Hecht and Michael Morris

Charlotte Hee '16

Sophia and Robert Hee

Nancy and Don Henn

Nanette and Donald Henneuse

Melissa and Alan Hereford

Ardyce and Don Herman

Angela and JT Herman

Stefanie and Andrew Hetherington

Jennifer Hewett

Susan and CJ Hickey

Melisa and David Hickman

Christy and Andrew Hinkelman

Kate and Chris Hobbs

Sarah and Richard Hoffman

Joseph Hohl

Francesca Danek-Hohne and Timothy Hohne

Julia Huo-Kuramoto and Ben Kuramoto

Nancy and Michael Hutchinson

Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang

LiShan Sung and Peter Ibershof

Chris Jannes and Deborah Hamon

Danielle Javadi

Olivia and Alfredo Jiménez

Kay and Lee Johnson

Deborah and Mark Johnson

Chris Johnston '02

Lara Johnston '04

Nhatle and Scott Johnston

Emily and Bill Johnstone

Marina Juarez de Silva

Joy and John Kabage

Nancy and Michael Kaplan

Ray Karter

Melinah Zohrabian and Jeffrey Katz

Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara

Deana Morrow Kay '92 and Nick Kay

Mary Ann and Andrew Kayser

Melenie Keeffe

Fay and Ron Kelly

Janet and Damon Kerby

Michelle Clark and Ji-Hoon Kim

June Mee and Steven Kim

Sandra Lamke and Jerome Kirkpatrick

Bonnie and Lee Kirkpatrick

Karen Klier and James Leventhal

Ursula and Richard Klier

Vira and David Klinetobe

Tina King and Dutch Knapp

Harriet and Thomas Kostic

Kovler Family Foundation

Meghen and Ken Kurtzig

Johanna and Jim La Fleur

Geoff Lakritz '85

Nancy and Scott Larson

Derek M. Lawson '01

Drew A. Lawson '03

Tracy and Jaison Layney

Carol and Doug Lee

Kristan Ruona and Yuen Lee

Lisa Der Legge and William Legge

Minna Leigh

Sophia Leswing '13

Kari and Tom Levine

Wendy '89 and Marc Levine

Kylee Lin '05

Barbara and Wood Lockhart

Daisy Lookinland '14

Frank Lookinland '16

Donna and David Lorsch

Rhona and Richard Lovett

Elissa Lozier

Chisoo and Norm Lyons

Brenda and Don MacLean

Darrah and Matt MacLean '86

Christine and Jim Maguire

Diana Maier '84 and Ethan Kaplan

Melanie and Peter Maier

Amy Leung and Alan Mainwaring

Kristine and Craig Maretzki

Heather and Mark Marsella

Sara von Schilling and William Martin

Angela Espinal de Fernandez and Felipe Martinez

Mac McConnell

Aramie and Kevin McDonald

Michelle and Mark McKechnie

Ellen McLaughlin

Beth and Matt McMurphy '95

Jennifer and Dan Mello

Kate Merrill

Ritu and Alex Metzger

Florence and Victor Meyers

Beth Michaelsen

Roberta Ann and Dale W. Miller

Sharyn Mitchell

Denise and Bill Moore

Bibi and Eric Moore

Cindy and Craig Morris

Swati and Aditya Mukerji

Hadley Mullin '88 and Dan Kalafatas

Nilou and Nader Nadershahi

Jennifer Shaw Navarrete and Richard Navarrete

Stacy and Mark Nelson

Jessica Ngo '01

Christine Nguyen

Bonnie Nishihara and Chad Forrester '86

Carolyn Carrere and Philip Nittenberg

Jong Noh

Frank and Lois Noonan

Heidi and Kevin Noonan

Eileen O'Hare

Anne and Dean Ornish

Barb Osher

Lauren and Jeffrey Osher

Liza and Cenk Ozkay

Amanda Roth and Gordon Palmateer

Deborah Pannell

Shawndra Parise '90 and Keith Breinlinger

Lisa and David Parker

Lilianna and Anthony Parker

Stephanie and Sam Parker

Cathy and Scott Parkes

Jennifer and Franklin Parlamis

Anne and Jeffrey Pearl

Quynh and Russell Pearson

Sue and Bob Peisert

Kathryn and Sean '90 Peisert

Anne Wara and Jason Perko

The Perlstein Family

Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin

Nancy and Mick Peterson

Erica and Christopher Pflueger

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Phoenix

Kelly and Aaron Pieczonka

Kirsten and Steve Polsky

Terry and Chris Powers

Kathleen and Che Prasad

Judith and Kedar Prasad

Laura McCormick and David Pretl

Jennifer and Walter Pritchard

Jo Procter

Dayna and Eric Quanbeck

Stacey and Mitch Rabin

Mylinh Huynh and Desmond Raitt

Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom

Lourdes Razo

Erma H. Rech

Heidi and Glen Regier

Wendy and Carl Reichardt

Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley

Ellen Hufbaur and Jack Resneck

Katie Riley

Katherine and Gustavo Rincon

Scott Roche '16

Kara and Charles Roell, Jr.

Ellen Lee and Lou Romano

Jeniffer and Luis Rossi

Anna and Jonathan Rothbart

Martha Aguiar and Alberto Salazar

Ava Salmi '11

Isabella Salmi '09

Otto Salmi '11

Andrea and Semi Salmi

Shalu and Hersh Saluja

Julie and Eric Salz

Ellyn Santos

Rosa and Denis Savage

Wendy and Alan Schaevitz

Rita Schaulat

Susan and David Schwartz

Lisa Savage and Ethan Schwartz

Lisa and Marc Sebastian

Cathy and Evan Sedlock

Yasmin-Dina Narielvala and Nathan Senini

Susie Shapira

Laura and David Shapiro

Eileen and Christopher Sheldon

Wenqian Dou and Xunyang Shen

Sophie Shulman '02

Leslie and Chris Sigler

Houda and Ray Silcock

Liz and Roger Silloway

Molly and Stuart Silloway

Melissa and Rick Silvers

Susan and Joel Sklar

Roger, Alysa & Abby Smith

Marney and Christopher Solle

Jennifer Southern

Kristen and Robert Sperling

Susan and Jeffrey Spurr

David St. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Shaugn Stanley

Nicole Stanton

Jesse and Mark Strassman

Rachel and Jeff Street

Luz Maria Strohm

Shawna and Peter Supino

Honorable and Mrs. John A. Sutro, Jr.

Ann and Steve Sutro '83

Yoshie and Norman Tachiki

Mandy and Scott Tachiki

Elif Talegon

Ashley Beech and Michael Tatum

Evelyn Wynne Tauchert

Ana Tejada

Andrea Ferrance and Dara Thompson

Barbara Heil and Jon Tolson

Marimar Torres

Waneska and Chris Torto

Rachel and Stephen Tracy

Daniella and Andrew Tress

Tori Truss

Carolyn Tune

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Twomey

Dr. Ilkcan Cokgor and Ismail Haluk Ulubay

Raquel Valdivia

Eileen Varin

Kearsley Higgins and Todd Vaziri

Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen

Ecco Wang

Diane and Bill Wara

Michael P. Ward

Bobbie and Bruce Weiss

Jessica Weiss '02

Kim Weiss

Kathryn Jordan Whittley and Anthony Whittley

Jane and David Williams

Alison and Duncan Williams

Barbara and Warren Winiarski

Jennifer and Nathan Winslow

Aristo Wintersteen '16

Michelle and Wayne Wolfe

Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson

Lori and Steve Wong

Wenhui Gao and Jun Wu

Cristin Yang

Jordan Young '02

Jennifer and Eddie Zalayet

Barbara Clifton Zarate and Alfredo Zarate

Lacy and Lucas Zehner

Rebecca Li and David Zeng

Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman


Greetings from the Development Office. Since 1980, our school has inspired curiosity and a love of learning in children. Thanks to support from our generous community, we are able to attract and retain outstanding teachers who fulfill the school's mission of developing well-rounded critical thinkers in a vibrant, inclusive environment.

The True Blue Fund is the school’s primary fundraising campaign and helps to bridge the gap between tuition and the school’s full operating budget. Gifts range from $5 to $25,000 and every donation makes an impact in supporting our students and teachers. Capital and endowment campaigns take place on a cyclical basis. In 2002, construction of the Arts and Science building and gymnasium was completed. In 2008, we completed the Campaign for Teaching and Learning, raising $3.2 million in endowment funds to support our faculty and students. In 2011, we established The Damon Kerby Fund for Financial Aid, a new endowment fund which has raised $800,000 in honor of Damon Kerby's 24 years as headmaster of what was then Saint Mark's School.

The Development Office manages fundraising, special events, alumni relations, and publications. It also serves as a liaison between the Parents’ Association and the school. The PA hosts the spring fundraiser, the Fun Run, Fall Golf Scramble, and other events.

Families have many competing demands on their volunteer time and philanthropic interests, and the school is very grateful for everyone’s participation in our extraordinary community.

We are fortunate to have so many committed families in our midst: those who give both their time and treasure to improve the health and strength of our school. We salute you!

Wendy Levine, '89
Director of Development


Wendy Levine '89
Director of Development
(415) 472-8000

Christine Maguire
Development Associate and Alumni Coordinator
(415) 472-8000 x1016

Sophie Shulman '02
Director of Communications
(415) 472-8000 x1017

Mark Day School is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit with a Tax ID number of 94-2598891.

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