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Meet Our Community

We are a Bay Area independent school community founded on diversity, inclusivity, and lifelong learning. At Mark Day School, each student, faculty and staff member, and parent and guardian is known. There are many ways we celebrate individuality, honor differences, and come together, from twice-weekly all-school assemblies to Kindergarten and 8th grade buddies to parent/guardian gatherings. Learn more about our community from the people who know it best.

I am incredibly grateful to Mark Day School for being my “second home and extended family” for the past 38 years! The feeling of joy and kindness that permeates the campus is genuine, and the meaningful relationships I have with my colleagues, students, and families are treasured. I can’t envision a more special place to engage in the work I am passionate about!

Joining Mark Day School was hands-down one of the best parenting decisions our family has made because we found a place that truly challenges, develops, and loves our daughters as we do. Thanks to Mark Day School and its intentional programs, as well as its outstanding staff and teachers, our girls are courageous, confident and compassionate individuals who shine each and every day!

The best decision my parents ever made was sending me to Mark Day School. I joined in 5th grade and I remember being awed with the intellectual curiosity that my classmates and faculty exhibited. High school and college seemed easy after the foundation I developed at Mark Day!

At Mark Day School, my son is not just educated; he's nurtured, challenged, and cared for by teachers and staff who prioritize his well-being and growth. And as a busy working mom, the incredible parent community has provided invaluable support and connection, making this school truly exceptional for our entire family!

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Amphitheater & Quad

Located in the heart of our campus, our amphitheater and quad are gathering places for our whole community, whether it's twice-weekly morning assembly, recess, or group collaboration. 

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Learning Commons

Our two-story Learning Commons houses thousands of books for grades K-8. Its where students learn though storytelling, conduct research using databases, meet published authors, and gather for quiet activities like knitting and puzzles.

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Creativity Lab

In the Creativity Lab, a "cognitive playground" which was inspired by the MIT Media Lab, students are encouraged to bring their imaginations to life. They learn how to safely use a variety of machinery and equipment, learn how to code and design, start over and persevere.

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Digital Media Lab

In the Digital Media Lab, students learn how to use professional equipment and programming such as stage lighting, Adobe Illustrator, iMovie, and more to produce digital creations. 

What’s Happening?


Debates. Teamwork. Research. Public Speaking. Alpacas? Even if you are a pro at the NY Times “Connections” game, you might be challenged to figure out the link between those elements. If you asked a 6th or 7th grader, however, they would know that the connection is a new academic extracurricular opportunity called the World Scholar’s Cup.

Read More about A New Opportunity for Academic Challenge: 6th and 7th Graders Tackle Our Inaugural Entry to the World Scholar's Cup

During the spring, 7th grade students participate in Deep Dive Week—instead of their normal schedule of math, English, history and science, students engage in intensive, interdisciplinary, and project-based learning “mini-courses” centered around a specific topic or theme.

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