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A K-8 Independent School in Marin County

At Mark Day School, a K-8 Independent School in Marin County, students learn the habits of mind and personhood that shape their lives and their learning today and in the future. 

Guided and challenged by their teachers, students learn these crucial habits by doing: pursuing their curiosity well below the surface, learning to collaborate and partner with peers across the table and around the globe, and developing the mindsets and toolkits that enable them to work on not just the intriguing problems of today, but the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our mission holds two more descriptors that we hold dear as a school: innovative and full of heart. We are always thinking about what students need now and what they will need in the near and distant future. We strive to build on these strengths, all in service of challenging and supporting young people to chart their own paths.

At Mark Day, it’s the balance of both challenge and joyful learning that sets us apart.    Every student needs to encounter challenge along each step of the way—it’s how we grow and it’s how we really understand what we’re capable of. Our joyful, warm, and supportive school community forms the springboard for the challenging academic leaps Mark Day students take every day.


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Meet the wonderful teachers that fill our classrooms with joy and challenge.