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Family Association

A Community for Parents & Guardians

The Mark Day School Family Association (FA), through an army of parent/guardian volunteers, handles a wide variety of events and programs on behalf of the school each year. Through this service to the school, parents and guardians help to create and participate in a warm and inclusive community.

Family Association Executive Board, 2023-2024

  • President: Stephanie Dornhelm
  • Vice President: Ashley Reid
  • Treasurer: Kirsten Peek
  • VP of Information & Technology: Beth Fliss
  • VP of Fundraising: Tiffany Gantus & Tiffany Westwater
  • VP of Events: Courtney Butler & Carin Gidney
  • VP of Programs: Laika Chow & LiShan Sung

Volunteer Opportunities For All Kinds of Commitments

Volunteering connects us in a unique way to other parents and guardians, to the faculty, even to Mark Day students. This sense of connection deeply enriches each family’s relationship with the school community. It tells our children that we value their education and allows us to express our appreciation for the wonderful experience our children have at school every day. Opportunities are open for every parent/guardian to be involved. 


The Family Association arranges many events each year and assists with school-sponsored events on an as-needed basis. While a few events are held to raise funds, many are simply for celebrating and strengthening our community.


Mark Day offers many programs that contribute to the overall education, social, and school community experiences of the student body. Buddy Family Coordination: Buddy families are current families who help welcome and support the transition of new families.

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