Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Explore Our Campus

At Mark Day School, we believe a school should be more than a place to prepare - it should be a place to create, build relationships, make discoveries, and grow together as a community. This is what happens on our campus every day throughout our learning spaces. Along with spacious, sun-filled classrooms, students enjoy spaces where they can investigate with hands-on projects, dive into books, and spend time with friends. Explore the main features of our campus by clicking below.

Amphitheater & Quad

Located in the heart of our campus, the amphitheater and quad are gathering places for our whole community, whether it's at bi-weekly morning assembly, recess and lunch, or group collaboration on a warm, sunny day. Often, while passing through on the way to class, the amphitheater and quad spaces offer a chance for a wave, a smile, or a quick chat with cross-grade friends and teachers. Click here to learn more about these spaces.

Creativity Lab & Maker's Court

In the Creativity Lab and Maker's Court, "cognitive playgrounds" which were inspired by the MIT Media Lab, students are encouraged to bring their imaginations to life. They learn how to safely use a variety of machinery and equipment, from the vinyl cutter to the 3D printer to the jigsaw. In here, they learn how to code and design, start over and persevere. Click here to learn about some of the projects created in these spaces.

Learning Commons

Our two-story Learning Commons houses thousands of books for grades K-8. It's where ReAnna Gailes, Director of the Learning Commons, reads stories to younger students. It's where 7th and 8th graders dive into detailed research using databases they will already be familiar with in college. It's where published authors visit and students of all ages collect for knitting, quiet reading, puzzles, and more. Click here to see the Learning Commons in more detail.

Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is central to our Media and Information literacy program. In this space, students learn how to use professional equipment and programming such as stage lighting, Adobe illustrator, iMovie, and more to produce digital creations. It's where the Upper Division elective Mark Day TV develops their monthly news program and 2nd graders record stories about aborigines. Click here to see what happens in the Digital Media Lab.