Digital Media Lab

At Mark Day School, we know that true learning is all about connecting with a whole world of ideas, questions, people, and possibilities. Today, what we need most is to help our children make meaningful connections - globally and locally - in a world of information. If we want our children to be creative thinkers, wise leaders, avid readers, and curious researchers in this day and age, we must help them learn to read and explore ideas across multiple forms of media, ask good questions about the messages and information that surround us, think critically about the credibility of information sources in a world where everyone is an author, work together with peers - whether in the same room or across the world - to develop and answer complex research questions, and create and disseminate media that inspires individual, community, and global action

Situated next to the Upper Learning Commons, the Digital Media Lab houses a spacious room built for students to work independently and side-by-side on laptops, record material in two sound booths, and create their own media using the green screen.