About Affinity Groups
Fernanda Pernambuco, Director of Cross-Cultural Partnerships and Community Engagement

Mark Day School has had a long commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. It has been a part of our mission since the founding of the school.

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Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Media Literacy Projects
Bonnie Nishihara, Assistant Head & Director of Educational Design + Innovation

This week, February 11-15, is production week for the annual 8th Grade Media Literacy Project. During this time, 8th graders are deeply immersed in completing five assignments that all revolve around the creation of original, research-based productions that convey to audiences important messages about media in our society.

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Diversity Counts
Joe Harvey, Head of School

As February begins, we are at the end of a remarkable week with our delegation of students and teachers from Beijing and at the beginning of Black History Month.

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Educating Kindergarten Parents
Thad Reichley, Head of Lower School

Unfortunately, not everything in life comes with directions. Take raising kids for instance. Wouldn't it be nice if upon leaving the hospital they asked you to sign a birth certificate, checked your car seat for proper installation, and handed you an up-to-date set of directions for raising a child?

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