Mark Day School Partners with Tinkering School

Bonnie Nishihara, Assistant Head for Educational Design and Innovation

I am thrilled to announce that Mark Day School has partnered with San Francisco-based Tinkering School to bring its extraordinary day camp for students ages 7-14 to Marin this summer. Tinkering School will offer week-long summer camp sessions on the Mark Day School campus in July and August. Tinkering School's lottery registration process will begin this Sunday, January 15 on the Tinkering School website for all Tinkering School at Mark Day School camps. Registration for Mark Day School's other summer camps, such as Arts in Action and SuperTech, will open on February 1 on the Mark Day School website.

About the Mark Day School and Tinkering School Partnership

In his 2009 TED Talk titled "Life Lessons Through Tinkering," Tinkering School founder Gever Tulley said that at Tinkering School, "Success is in the doing, and failures are celebrated and analyzed. Problems become puzzles and obstacles disappear." This idea, along with so much more about Tinkering School, resonated with me as we began to shape the design and tinkering program at Mark Day School. At Mark Day, we, too, believe that students learn through making and building and that often the lessons learned from a tinkering project are not evident at the outset. While tinkering, students not only learn academic concepts and develop skills in working with tools and materials, they also begin to see the world and their role in it from a new perspective, through a lens of curiosity and confidence and possibility. This shared value, above all else, is at the heart of the partnership between Mark Day School and Tinkering School.

Tinkering School's mission is "to create excellent hands-on learning opportunities for children everywhere," and Mark Day School aims to develop meaningful connections with the broader community and be a resource in the neighborhood. The hope is that all of these goals will be served by bringing Tinkering School to Mark Day School. Another shared core value of both Mark Day School and Tinkering School is our commitment to making our educational programs accessible to as many families as possible. During the school year, Mark Day School's Indexed Tuition program helps make the cost of tuition more affordable. Financial assistance will also be available for the Tinkering School camps at Mark Day School--as it is for all Tinkering School programs--supported jointly by Mark Day School and Tinkering School.

About Tinkering School Day Camps

Tinkering School has been in operation for over a decade. Each session of Tinkering School day camp is a five-day, immersive experience during which campers are engaged in a unique and inspirational large-scale building project using real tools. One of Tinkering School's mottos is, "Big ideas. Real tools. No recipes." During the long and languid days of summer, students can experience a pace and flow not possible in the classroom. This is an opportunity I am excited to bring to our students. To get a sense of what Tinkering School is like, check out the Tinkering School photo album.

Tinkering School is run by a creative and caring staff who work with campers in a 6:1 camper to adult "collaborator" ratio. Like Mark Day School, Tinkering School camps are nurturing environments filled with trust and warmth.

Tinkering School's Lottery-Based Registration System

Due to popular demand, Tinkering School runs a lottery-based registration system for all of its summer camps. This ensures that Tinkering School can reach a wide swath of community members and ensures that camps are balanced both by gender and age.

Tinkering School lottery registration opens January 15 and will remain open until January 21. Lottery results will be announced by the end of January. After notification of receiving a camp spot, families will have 5 days to finalize camp registration and make a deposit. Following the 5-day period, unclaimed spots will go to the waitlist.

To enter the registration lottery, each family and each camper will need to set up a registration profile and then indicate which weeks each camper is able to attend camp. After the lottery you will return to this system to complete the camper enrollment, make payments, and, if you need it, opt in for before or after care. All of this can be done here: Tinkering School Reservation System