Passport to the World

Passport to the World highlights the importance of enjoying our differences while celebrating values shared across cultures. Throughout the year, our students are encouraged to ask themselves, How are we the same? What can we learn from each other? As a community, we seek to understand the meaningful similarities between ourselves and others that often lie beneath the surface.

Passport Day brings this process to the fore. The day-long celebration, held in the spring, is one of the most joyous events of the school year. We create an exciting, on-campus immersion into a country, region, culture, or orientation. Our "destination" for the day allows us to learn about and celebrate a new part of the world, connect with our long-term partners, or experience and honor families within our school community. Passport activities throughout the year enrich and supplement the social studies and social-emotional learning curricula. The day is a living example of how we teach and learn as responsible citizens.

Passport to the World epitomizes Mark Day Schools' collaborative spirit. Every member of our community is encouraged to participate--families contribute artifacts, grandparents and extended families are invited to share experiences, parents volunteer for the many jobs to be done, and every student participates in all activities.

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