parents' association

The Mark Day School Parents' Association, through an army of parent volunteers, handles a wide variety of events, fundraisers, and programs on behalf of the school each year. Through this service to the school, parents help to create and participate in a warm and inclusive community. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Volunteering connects us in a unique and special way to other parents, to the faculty, even to our children. This sense of connection deeply enriches each family's relationship with the school. It tells our children that we value their education and allows us to express our appreciation for the wonderful experience our children have at school every day. Opportunities are open for every parent to be involved. Learn more in our programs and events sections.

The Parents' Association officers for 2018-2019 are:

  • President: Ashley Ransom
  • Executive VP: Ethan Kaplan
  • Treasurer: Ethan Dornhelm
  • VP Communication & Information Technology: Nurite Regev
  • VP Programs: Bibi Moore, Maureen Wilson-Hwang
  • VP Fundraising: Laura Shapiro, Jennifer Zalayet
  • VP Events: Rachel Street, Tiffany Greenfield

Parents' Association meetings are held throughout the year and are listed on the school calendar. All are welcome! Meeting minutes are also made available to all.

Ashley Ransom
Parents' Association President, 2017-2019

Ashley Ransom
PA President