Programs That Give Back

Mark Day School earns money from community members' everyday purchases in a variety of ways. The most consistent is through eScrip: Simply register your debit and credit cards (or obtain store-specific cards) and participating businesses will direct to the school a percentage of all card-based purchases.

If you're shopping on Amazon, utilize the Amazon Smile program to donate to a charity of your choice. The first time you log in, simply select the charity and start shopping. For Chrome users, click here for a plugin to be redirected to the Amazon Smile page.

We are always exploring other possibilities, including programs with, to earn "easy money" for our school.

Register for eScrip

  1. Go to and complete the forms under "Sign Up."
  2. You will need to enter Mark Day School's group ID number: 136558922 (you can also find the number by searching for the school by name).
  3. Enter your credit/debit card numbers and your Safeway card number (if you don't know your Safeway club card number, you can call 1.877.723.3929 to obtain it--unfortunately, it is not the phone number that you enter at the register). Some merchants like Amazon, Scotty's, Woodlands Market, and Paradise Foods do not have their own loyalty cards, but use the customer's credit/debit cards to track spending and generate the donations that go back to Mark Day School. Every time you use that registered card at one of the participating merchants, you earn money for the school. You can find the complete list of participating merchants on the eScrip website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you shop at Good Earth or United Market, you need to pick up a customer loyalty card; please stop by the eScrip table or contact Laura Allen at the e-mail address in your directory. Also, Safeway cards MUST be renewed annually. If not renewed by November 1, contributions to Mark Day School will stop.

Renewing is event simpler:

  1. Log on to Don't worry if you can't remember your Supporter ID; all you need is your phone number or e-mail address to log in.
  2. Click on the red YES! check mark to renew. That's it!