Local partnerships

Relationships with organizations in our local area afford students rewarding experiences in working with people of different ages and from all walks of life. We are continually looking to build upon and strengthen these ties.

Community Agencies

Students in grades K through 8 engage with, contribute to, and learn from agencies in our community at an age-appropriate level. Some examples of the relationships we have developed over the years include those with the Aldersly senior residence, which 2nd graders visit regularly each school year, and Head Start schools in the Canal district of San Rafael, where our 6th graders spend time reading and playing with preschoolers.

The 7th grade's oral history project has become an incredible example of relationship building: Students are paired up with partners at local senior residences; they research and learn about an historical event from their senior partners by interviewing them. The students then create documentaries that are given to the partners--who often share them with great pride with their family. In return for the knowledge and experience the students gain, they provide expertise and assistance to the seniors in the area of technology, helping them to connect and communicate with family and friends on a regular basis.

Canal Alliance

In 2003, Mark Day School partnered with Canal Alliance, a nonprofit center supporting the Hispanic community in Marin County on immigration and education issues. The two organizations have continued to develop several joint educational initiatives, including a community leadership course for 7th graders.