Mark Day School
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San Rafael, CA 94903

Local Partnerships

Relationships with organizations in our local area afford students rewarding experiences in working with people of different ages and from all walks of life. We are continually looking to build upon and strengthen these ties so that students can understand their responsibility as citizens of our local community. Some of the organizations we work with locally are listed and explained below.

Hamilton School

Seventh and 8th graders can choose to participate in a reading enrichment class with lower school students at Hamilton School in Novato. It's an opportunity for our students to practice leadership skills while working with younger students on their reading skills. They visit Hamilton School every week, meeting with the same students for six weeks.

Head Start

After reading the book Seed Folk, 6th grade students talk about how people are dealt different cards in life that lead to different perspectives. They discuss the role of Head Start in our local community and understand their upcoming visits. In small groups, 6th graders visit Head Start classrooms to read stories, lead an interactive activity, plant seeds, and make a community meal. It's also a chance for them to apply SEL skills and gain new experiences. 

Aldersly & Alma Via

Once a month, 2nd graders visit the same local senior residence to build relationships with the elderly. Throughout the year, they meet with the same senior citizen to play games, participate in fun activities, and celebrate holidays.

Kindergarten Visits Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative

In the spring, kindergarteners engage in a weaving unit during which they learn about weaving materials and where they originate from. To better understand where materials come from, students take a field trip to the Cedars Textile Arts Collaborative in San Rafael, a facility where mentally challenged adults come to learn and work as weavers, organic gardeners, and animal caretakers. Students see animals like alpacas, rabbits, and goats, talk about mohair and wool, and learn that some materials can be plant-based, like cotton and some types of linen. They also witness Cedars residents using large looms and talk with them about their craft, and who come to Mark Day to help kindergarteners with their weaving projects.