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The Albinson Family

Ramesh and Julian Allen

David Anderman

Rona Gomel Ashe and Neil Ashe

Jackie Bango

The Barad Family

The Bartsh Family

Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt

Gail and Bobby Beech

Sharina and Jay Belani

Krista Bendinelli

Kyle and Margot Biehle

Genevieve and Andrew Biggs

Nicolle Henneuse and Pete Billington

Ben, Elliot and Charlie Blum

Beth and Kirk Bonzell

Diane Boodrookas '06

Joan and Nick Boodrookas

Bev and Rolly Boorman

Trenton Boorman '03

Lauralee Barbaria and Diane Bredt

Marilyn and Marvin Brenner

Chris Broderick '06

John Broderick '10

Wendy and Patrick Broderick

Malini and Colin Brown

Ann S. Buckner

Avvy Mar and Michael Budwig

Alexis Verkozen Bullen '01

Lori and John Butler

Wendy Edelen-Cady and Gregg Cady

Shawna Callahan

Dr. Annette Perry-Carrera and Frank Carrera

Victor and Helen Castillo

Atashi Chakravarty and Jon Janzen

The Chattha Family

Linda and Scott Cherry

Jennifer and Bard Chrisman

Courtney and Jack Coghlan

Jon and Angie Cohen

Gigi and Rick Condos

Geneva and Jack Conway

Brooke and Matt Conway

Tonya and Bryan Crapo

Lawrence Crapo

Sue Crowther

Susan and Alastair Cumming

Kim Danforth

Lucy and Anton Dawson

Lori and Chris Deibel

Cathy and Jim Delano

The Dewane Family

Andrew and Kristin Dickinson

Gigi and Scott Dixon

Micky and Chris Doner

Sandy and Dick Drew

Robert and Fabiana Duque-Ribeiro

Claudia and David Eiseman

Dana and Jerry Evans

Tim and Katy Evans

Marisa and Peter Evers

Carol Faulhaber

Ronnie and William Feldman

Judy and Jay Ferguson

Diana and Timothy Fitzpatrick

The Fraser Family

Sally and Thomas Freed

Kathryn Freeman

Bill Freeman

Tatiana and Bjorn Fruchtman

Diane and David Gabianelli

Nancy M. and Gene Gabianelli

Michelle Mulkey and Nathaniel Garrett

Jennifer and Wayne Getz

Kelly Giddings

Barbara Gloger

Gaelle and Brian Gordon

Lawrence T. Gorski

Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski

Connie and Bill Gottwald

Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf

Reetika and Sajot Grewal

Daniel Grigoryan

Katherine Gutierrez '16

Phil and Robbie Gutierrez

Kira and Bradley J. Haas Fund & Peter E. Haas, Jr. Family Fund

Theresa Hall and Jeffrey Palladini

Erin and Brian Hansen

Andrea Hansen

Veronica and Robert Harris

Linda W. Hart and Milledge A. Hart, III

Amanda Cashman Harvey and Joseph M. Harvey

Dr. Nancy Haugen

Rita Hayes

Vickie Hecht and Michael Morris

Sophia and Robert Hee

Marje and Tony Helfet

Nancy and Don Henn

Angela and JT Herman

Stefanie and Andrew Hetherington

Susan and CJ Hickey

Melisa and David Hickman

Kate and Chris Hobbs

Mayme and Jay Hubert

Karen Jacobsen

Chris Jannes and Deborah Hamon

Marti Jessen

Diane and Andrew Jessup

Susan Johnson

Chris Johnston '02

Lara Johnston '04

Joy and John Kabage

Ray Karter

Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara

Deana Morrow Kay '92 and Nicholas Kay

Mary Ann and Andrew Kayser

Kristin and Brian Keeffe

Fay and Ron Kelly

Janet and Damon Kerby

Katie and Jay Kern

Dana Kirk

Stephanie and Brooks Kirkwood

Karen Klier and James Leventhal

Ursula and Richard Klier

Vira and David Klinetobe

Kathleen Kopp Mullin

Meghen and Ken Kurtzig/Arizae Fund

Tracy and Jaison Layney

Carol and Doug Lee

Kari and Tom Levine

Wendy Morris Levine '89 and Marc Levine

Rhona and Richard Lovett

Elissa Lozier

Ms. Lennis Lyon

Chisoo and Norm Lyons

John and Carolyn Madison

Christine and Jim Maguire

Diana Maier and Ethan Kaplan and Peter and Melanie Maier

Kristine and Craig Maretzki

Bonnie Margolin

Bill Martin and Sara von Schilling

Aramie and Kevin McDonald

Ellen McLaughlin

Jennifer and Dan Mello

Alex and Ritu Metzger

John and Gila Millar

Sharyn Mitchell

Denise and Bill Moore

Bibi and Eric Moore

Cindy and Craig Morris

Michael and Andrea Morrison

Hadley Mullin '88 and Dan Kalafatas

Nilou and Nader Nadershahi

Jessica Ngo '01

Bonnie Nishihara and Chad Forrester

Cindy and Morris Noble

Eileen O'Hare

Anne and Dean Ornish, M.D.

Barb Osher

Lauren and Jeffrey Osher

Steph and Phil Owen

The Palmateer Family

Deborah Pannell

Elda and Andrew Parise

Lisa and David Parker

Pam and Gordon Parker

Lilianna and Anthony Parker

Stephanie and Sam Parker

The Parkes Family

Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin

John M. Pflueger

Michael Pincus

Kirsten and Steve Polsky

The Powers Family

Mr. David Pretl and Dr. Laura McCormick

Dayna and Eric Quanbeck

Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom

Terri and Bruce Reed

The Reichardt Family

Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley

Ellen Hufbaur and Jack Resneck

Carolyn Revelle

Kimberley Roberts and Michael Laine

Kara and Charles Roell, Jr.

Megan Jones and Stephen Rosenbaum

Ellen and Alan Rothbart

Anna and Jonathan Rothbart

Susan Rothholz

Ava Salmi '11

Isabella Salmi '09

Otto Salmi '11

Andrea and Semi Salmi

Shalu and Hersh Saluja

Rosa and Denis Savage

Lisa Savage and Ethan Schwartz

Cathy and Evan Sedlock

Tarja and Ken Settles

Laura and David Shapiro

Eileen and Christopher Sheldon

Wenqian Dou and Xunyang Shen

Sophie Shulman '02

Houda and Ray Silcock

The Silloway Family

Melissa and Rick Silvers

John Simpson and Christine Makuch-Simpson

Marcia and David Sperling

Nicole Stanton

Luz Maria Strohm

Mandy and Scott Tachiki

The Torto Family

Susan and John Touchstone

Oanh Tran '00

Tori Truss

Dr. and Mrs. Albert A. Varner

Corro and Marty Walsh

Kelley and Eric Warner

Kim Weiss

Kathryn Jordan Whittley and Anthony Whittley

Barbara and Warren Winiarski

Jennifer and Nathan Winslow

Jennifer and Devin Wolfe

Dana Oliver and Adam Wolfson

Lori and Steve Wong

Karen Woodall

Jennifer and Eddie Zalayet

Lacy and Lucas Zehner

Rukun and Aixiang Zeng

Rebecca Li and David Zeng

Victoria Peet and Steven Zimmerman

Suzanne L. Zimmerman

Transforming Our Campus for the Future

At Mark Day School, we believe a school should be more than a place to prepare--it should be a place to create. We create futures, connections, "aha!" moments, discoveries, community, friendships, and more. This is what happens every day on our campus--but it's only the beginning.

It's time to invest in education and renew our campus. This project will transform how students, teachers, and visitors experience our campus from the moment you arrive at our front door to how we use every square foot for creative teaching and learning. The three critical pieces that comprise this project include:

Parents, grandparents, and alumni families have always had the foresight, vision, and dedication to provide for the future of our school and our children. Today, each and every member of our school community benefits from their generosity. Let's show what our school can become when our physical home reflects our heart, soul, and ingenuity.

For more information on the project, please contact:

Joe Harvey, Head of School:

For more information on supporting the project, please contact:

Wendy Levine, Director of Development: 415.472.8008,


Shalu Saluja, Co-Chair
Terry Powers, Co-Chair
Joe Harvey
Wendy Levine '89
Hadley Mullin '88
Charles Roell
Carl Reichardt


Andrew Kawahara, Chair
Bella Chang
Kevin Bower
Joe Harvey
Dan Kalafatas
Andrew Kawahara
Tom Levine
Michelle Mulkey
Bonnie Nishihara
Thad Reichley

Read more about the project in 2016 & 2017 Marker: