Construction Updates

The new building under construction at Mark Day School will transform how students, teachers, and visitors experience our campus from the moment they arrive at our front door to how we use every square foot for creative teaching and learning. The three critical pieces that comprise this project include:

Construction began on April 6, 2016. This web page is the home for the latest news, traffic instructions, and contact information if you have concerns or questions.

Fall 2016 Construction Update:

1. STEEL STRUCTURE: The first columns were erected in September and most of the second floor beams are in place, along with the columns that will support the balcony and shade structure facing our Amphitheater and Quad.

2. BIO-SWALES: The work on the bio-swales continued. There will be a total of five bio-swales on campus. In October, the construction team began to dig the largest one near the arts and science building across from the exit of the ring road. The bio-swales are areas where run-off from rooftops and hardscapes can accumulate, bubble down into the soil, and be slowed down and cleaned before entering drains leading to Gallinas Creek Watershed. They will be good teaching and learning spaces with water features and plantings that help make the watershed a little healthier.

3. FOUNDATION WORK: All of the micro-piles have been installed, concrete has been poured around them, and they have been tested for strength. The trenches for footings are complete.

4. CONCRETE WORK: On Monday, August 29 we had a massive concrete pour for the foundation of the new learning spaces. Approximately 200 cubic yards of concrete went into the structure.

Construction and traffic route details:

  • The City of San Rafael establishes routes for construction traffic and sets construction hours. For this project, the city has determined that construction traffic will arrive via Freitas Parkway, left onto Las Gallinas, right onto Nova Albion, right onto Montebello, and right onto Trellis Drive, departing via the same route.
  • Construction hours are also set by the City of San Rafael.
  1. All grading and construction activities shall be limited to 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday.
  2. Low noise construction, occurring entirely inside the building, may be permissible beyond the days/hours of operation by prior approval of the planning division and only after the building is completely enclosed (walls, roof, windows, and doors).
  3. All off-haul excavation materials are delivery/pick up of construction equipment shall occur during off-peak weekday traffic trip hours, between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday only.
  • During the period of construction, we will post a crossing guard at the corner of Arias Drive and Trellis Drive on school days during the morning and afternoon student drop-off and pick-up times.


If you have any questions or concerns specific to the construction crew, please contact:

Wright Contracting

Project Manager Doug Marshall: (717) 528-1172,

Superintendent John Cooper:

Equity Community Builders

Project Manager Ted Lieser: (415) 272-3847,

Campus Driving Map

Final Assembly and Construction Photos

Projected Timeline

Summer 2015: Mobilization (Trailers, Disconnect Utilities) (Completed)

December 2015/February 2016: Hazmat Abatement--(Completed)

April 2016: Demolition (Completed)

May 2016: Site Work - Grading, Utilities, Building Pad Prep


May-July 2016: Foundation (Completed)

August 2016 - April 2017: Building Structure (Steel)

January - May 2017: Exterior Work (Walls, Windows)

January - Early Fall 2017: Interior Work (MEP, Framing, Drywall, Finishes)

April -Early Fall 2017: Site Work (Amphitheater, Landscape, Hardscape)

Early Fall 2017: Completion/Move in

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