Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

creativity lab

Today's Mark Day School students--our children--are going to grow up to take jobs that don't exist yet, use tools that haven't been created yet, and solve problems we can't even conceive today.

So how do we teach for this ever-changing future? The answer is to focus on the fundamental skills, capabilities, and mindsets that only grow more powerful as the world around us changes: creativity, adaptability, collaboration, and problem-solving.

That's the big idea behind the Creativity Lab--our new space for children to create with their hands and minds, test new ideas in real time, and learn to make their way through problems large and small. It will not only change thaws we can teach at Mark Day School--it will set a new standard for Marin County.

The new Creativity Lab will encompass three distinct spaces:

  • The Think Tank is where new ideas will begin. Students will use large-screen displays, whiteboards and soft seating for brainstorming and critique.
  • The main floor of the Creativity Lab will be where experimentation and prototyping happens, using power tools that drop down from the ceiling, bins of popsicle sticks, micro controllers, glue guns, LED lights and more.
  • The Workshop area will be where students take ideas that require tools that are more complex--and more noisy--to bring them to life. The Workshop will feature a variety of digital fabrication tools as well as some traditional shop tools.