fund for the future

Our endowment is our Fund for the Future--a long-term investment in everything and everyone who makes us who we are as a school.

Gifts to an endowment fund take the pressure off the operating budget. The endowment principal remains intact as the school spends a percentage of the interest income. It is the equivalent of a savings account.

Every year, it generates reliable funding that we count on to support our students and families, faculty and staff. It's our most direct investment in our greatest source of strength--our entire Mark Day School community.

That's why, even as we focus primarily on renewing and transforming our campus in the We Create campaign, we're also committed to continuing to build our endowment.

This is a vital challenge that every generation in our school community must continue to advance, just as every generation benefits from the vision of previous donors to the endowment. It's not just a great investment--it's the most meaningful support we can give to our community today and tomorrow.


Our long-term vision is to grow our endowment far beyond its current size. Achieving it will take years--but we can take a meaningful step forward today. Our immediate goal is to add $1 million in new and planned gifts to our endowment alongside our efforts to build our campus through the We Create campaign. We also seek to engage many more members of the Mark Day School family in establishing planned gifts and bequest intentions to provide for the long-term growth of our endowment. Together, these efforts will represent the most significant advance for our endowment since our last campaign.