At Mark Day School, we combine the best of traditional teaching methods with innovative strategies to develop each child’s potential.

With guidance, vision, and skill, we ignite in students the desire to engage deeply with the learning process. Our dedicated faculty members create an environment in which all students can grow confidently as learners, people, and community members. Faculty and students reflect the school's commitment to learning in a spirit of cooperation. We recognize that each child is unique, with different strengths and learning styles. Teachers ensure each student’s needs are met by creating differentiated experiences for individuals who need them. We believe that the relationship between the school and families is key to success. We invite and encourage family participation and involvement in each child’s education.

View our K-8 Curriculum Guide

The Mark Day School Curriculum Guide sequentially outlines the school's educational program from kindergarten through 8th grade. Because of the depth and breadth of our program, this guide is an overarching glance of the richness of Mark Day School's ever-evolving curriculum. The school's talented faculty of master teachers continues to refine the curriculum in response to the latest in educational research and best practices. .