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To thrive in the current century, students need to master a more complex set of skills than ever before. While the traditional skills and competencies of foundational literacies such as math and the humanities are critical, current research and experience tell us that they are not enough. To that end, we created four cross-disciplinary literacies that are interwoven into curriculum. We challenge students to see all literacies not as silos, but rather as interrelated systems that reflect the complexity of the real world.

To view the curricular arc by subject matter across grades K-8, view the Curriculum Guide here.

Explore what this looks like in the classroom

In the classroom, many projects, units, and lessons combine foundational literacies, cross-disciplinary literacies, and metacognitive skills so that students are simultaneously practicing and building upon these important skills.

Watch: Mark Day Moments

Watch short videos highlighting projects, activities, and programs inside and outside the classroom.

Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Learn how the different literacies and metacognitive skills integrate in the classroom.

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Explore more in-depth subjects like math, science, Media and Information Literacy, and more.

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