Mark Day School
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the arts

The arts are held in high esteem at Mark Day School and are taught as part of the regular curriculum from kindergarten through 6th grade and as electives for 7th and 8th grades. We believe that the application of creativity benefits learning in all subjects enhances students' education.

Featured Project: Spring Musical, The Lion King, Jr.

In spring 2017, students performed the play, The Lion King, Jr. We were fortunate to have our artist-in-residence, and visitor from our partner school in South Africa, Thando Bezana bring authenticity to the music and choreography.

Featured Project: Lower School Arts Festival

The Lower School Arts Festival combines visual art, drama, and music that grades K-3 perform in front of families and friends. Students work with drama teacher Tori Truss to perform poems and stories related to a theme, create their own sets in art class, and learn new songs on instruments such as xylophones.

Students will independently use their learning to:

  • Apply technique and skill to imagine and create original artistic works.
  • Discover, develop, and value their own artistic expression and creative process.
  • Analyze and interpret various art forms based on personal, cultural, historical, and professional criteria.
  • Seek local and global opportunities to appreciate and support the arts as an observer and/or practitioner.
  • Find inspiration and meaning through the arts to enhance and understand the human experience.