Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Lower School (K-3)

The Lower School years are a time of imagination, exploration, and growth. Students are developing rapidly physically, emotionally, and academically, and they thrive here in a nurturing and safe environment.

Our thoughtful mix of hands-on activities and and a focus on foundational academic skills challenges students to think differently about themselves and the world around them. During their time in the Lower School, students are asked to try many things. We ask them to be artists, athletes, scientists, authors, inventors, performers, and designers with the goal of helping them to discover their passions and develop a deeper understanding of what makes each of us unique.

Small class sizes and experienced support teachers foster meaningful relationships and differentiated instruction in the classroom. Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the skills they will need to succeed and the tenacity to try again when they make mistakes.

The students remain with their homeroom teachers for core subjects, visiting specialists for Spanish, Mandarin, drama, art, music, and PE throughout the week. Social-emotional learning is integrated into the curriculum by the teachers, including formal lessons, and is guided by our school counselor.