Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Mark Day Moments

1st Grade Immigration Unit

First graders learn why and how people come to America, talk to those who have immigrated to this country, and explore their own family histories.

7th Grade Probability Game Project

In math, 7th graders apply their knowledge of probability to create their own board games.

5th Grade Colonialism

Fifth graders learn about Colonialism from multiple perspectives.

Studying the Science of COVID-19

In this video, 7th and 8th grade science teachers Christine Metzger and Suzanne Alpert talk about the Upper Division science unit focusing on COVID-19.

MTI Skills

Throughout the year, students in grades K-6 participate in classes to learn media and information literacy skills, technology skills, and innovation skills like design and tinkering. 

7th Grade d=rt Car Collision Project

In Algebra 1, 7th graders engage in this hands-on project to explore the equation distance = rate x time. 

K/8 Buddy Program

The K/8 buddy program is a cherished tradition that gives 8th graders an opportunity to mentor younger students, and kindergarteners a special friend to look up to.

1st Grade Design Thinking

First graders learn about the process of design thinking and shapes as they create their own bubble wands.

Global Partnerships: KYP

Our long-time partners, Kliptown Youth Program, visited campus.

4th Grade Bridges

During this multi-disciplinary project, 4th graders design and build a bridge that can withstand heavy weight.

8th Grade Media Literacy Week

Every year, 8th graders choose a topic and look at how that topic is represented in the media, in the process creating a video, print, or audio project to express their own educated opinion.