Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Mark Day Moments

7th Grade d=rt Car Collision Project

In Algebra 1, 7th graders engage in this hands-on project to explore the equation distance = rate x time. 

Studying the Science of COVID-19

In this video, 7th and 8th grade science teachers Christine Metzger and Suzanne Alpert talk about the Upper Division science unit focusing on COVID-19.

MTI Skills

Throughout the year, students in grades K-6 participate in classes to learn media and information literacy skills, technology skills, and innovation skills like design and tinkering. 

5th Grade Colonialism

Fifth graders learn about Colonialism from multiple perspectives.

K/8 Buddy Program

The K/8 buddy program is a cherished tradition that gives 8th graders an opportunity to mentor younger students, and kindergarteners a special friend to look up to.

1st Grade Design Thinking

First graders learn about the process of design thinking and shapes as they create their own bubble wands.

Global Partnerships: KYP

Our long-time partners, Kliptown Youth Program, visited campus.

4th Grade Bridges

During this multi-disciplinary project, 4th graders design and build a bridge that can withstand heavy weight.

8th Grade Media Literacy Week

Every year, 8th graders choose a topic and look at how that topic is represented in the media, in the process creating a video, print, or audio project to express their own educated opinion.