Cross-Cultural Literacy


At the heart of Mark Day School's mission lies a commitment to prepare every student to live, work, and lead in the increasingly interconnected world of the 21st century. As members of a diverse, inclusive, and socially responsible community, it is our privilege, as well as our responsibility, to encourage our students to reach beyond their own community and to understand and embrace the inextricable links that exist among people everywhere.

Mark Day School continues to develop an intentional program that teaches the essential skills and builds the competencies that promote personal growth and contribute to the common good locally and globally.

Through our formalized partnerships, as well as via individual classroom-to-classroom connections, our reciprocal relationships afford our students unique opportunities to:

  • Investigate and experience the richness of multiple perspectives.
  • Navigate differences and embrace change.
  • Understand what we have to learn and what we have to share.
  • Recognize and explore the impact that access to resources and opportunities has on our lives.
  • Collaborate and seek solutions to local and global challenges.
  • Value compassion, fairness, and empathy, and pursue equity and justice.