Social and Emotional Literacy


Social Emotional and Ethical Literacy, or SEL, is in all we do: How we make friends, resolve conflicts, and step confidently into new experiences. Our program, developed and supported by our school counselor, teachers, and administrators draws on a variety of resources to help children develop both as individuals and as members of the community.

We believe that social-emotional work is integral to children’s development, so it is implemented throughout our curriculum and valued as part of the academic program. The vision and goals of SEL are upheld by all members of the school community, with teachers being responsible for formal implementation in their classrooms.

Teachers might use morning meetings, principles from the Responsive Classroom program, or skills from the Toolbox (such as mindful breathing, respecting personal space, and empathy) to integrate SEL into the life of their classroom and to guide student behavior in all things.

What does SEL look like?

SEL at Mark Day School is engrained in everything we do. Whether students are collaborating on projects, playing at recess, or maintaining friendships, the lessons learned on our campus be as successful as they can in the most positive way.