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Tuition & Costs

For the 2023-2024 school year, Mark Day School tuition for Kindergarten through 8th grade ranges from $250-$41,411. Tuition does not include grade-specific fees, which are also indexed.

Indexed Tuition

Tuition at Mark Day School is indexed along a scale. All families pay tuition along the index, according to their ability to pay. Because tuition even at the top of the index does not cover the total cost of educating a student at Mark Day School, every student’s tuition is indexed to some degree. The delta between tuition at the top of the index and the actual cost of a Mark Day School education is covered by philanthropy.

As a community, we believe it is our shared responsibility to create and perpetuate an inclusive environment. We are committed to enrolling a socio-economically diverse community of families, and we work individually with families to help make our school an affordable option through Indexed Tuition. 

Applying to Pay Below the Top of the Index

Tuition for a quarter of our students is below the top of the tuition index. To apply to pay school tuition below the top of the index, we ask families to register with Clarity to complete the application. Clarity uses the information to evaluate a family’s ability to afford tuition. The application is mobile-friendly and can be completed on a phone or tablet. Additionally, your 1040 and W2 documents from the previous year will be automatically transferred from the IRS when you complete the verification step.

Register with Clarity

Notification of Indexed Tuition determinations are emailed and mailed in March along with admission decision letters. Although decisions are made within the same timeline, the two applications and processes are separate.


  • January 12, 2024: Deadline to submit Clarity application
  • March 14, 2024: Notification of tuition determinations emailed with acceptance letters


  • 2024-25 Family Application Guide (English / Spanish)
  • Clarity Application Quick Reference Guide (English / Spanish)
  • Family Support through Clarity is offered in both English and Spanish; contact Family Support through the “help” button in the lower left corner in the app, email at, or call at 206.210.3752.


  • The school works with families individually and respectfully, maintaining confidential information carefully.
  • Applications must be completed in full, including uploads of the appropriate tax forms, before indexed tuition for the following year is final.
  • The school considers all aspects of a family’s financial situation. In addition to income, our system takes into account debt, assets, family size, number of students in tuition-charging schools and other elements that would impact a family’s ability to afford tuition.
  • Families apply each year and tuition may be adjusted (up or down) depending on a family’s demonstrated need. 
  • Both parents/guardians should be working when all children are of elementary school age.
  • Financial information is received from all custodial parents/guardians in divorced/separated/never married families.
  • In addition to curricular and co-curricular programs, extended day care (before and after school club), grade level fees are indexed.
  • The indexed tuition budget includes funds from the annual operating budget as well as income from endowment.

Questions? Contact Indexed Tuition Coordinator Wendy Broderick at 415.713.6753 or

We encourage all prospective families to join us on a campus tour.