Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Middle School

We are excited to offer additional spots in 6th grade for prospective students. Our 6th-8th grade program is founded on smaller class sizes within a larger grade to improve opportunities for student voice, greater differentiation, and deeper relationships with teachers. 

We know that adolescents need strong relationships with adults for healthy development and also that they thrive in a slightly expanded social peer network. Additionally, research has established the positive effects of hands-on, project-based learning, a pedagogical practice that we embrace here, and smaller sections enable more depth in such practices. Diversity of all kinds has been proven to improve critical thinking, perspective taking, overall group decision making, and readiness for leadership in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world; the diversity added to our student population by expanding the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades offers positive outcomes.

Sixth grade students at Mark Day School can expect:

  • Smaller class sizes for core subjects and specialist classes
  • A block schedule that prepares them for the more rigorous academic experience in 7th and 8th grade and high school
  • An expanded social network that welcomes an array of interests, hobbies, personalities, and backgrounds
  • A one-to-one laptop program and weekly MTI (Media, Technology and Innovation) classes that prepare students for success in the current century
  • Sixth grade-specific SEL blocks, study halls, and homeroom time with dedicated homeroom teachers
  • The opportunity to practice and hone executive functioning skills prior to the Upper Division
  • The ability to offer more spots to families that are a good fit for Mark Day School

To learn more about applying to our expanded 6th grade program, contact Katie Kelso, Director of Admission, at or 415.472.8007.