Tours and Dates

Campus tours give prospective families the opportunity to attend an all-school assembly, visit classrooms, tour campus facilities, hear from Head of School Joe Harvey, and ask questions of administrators and 8th graders.


Our tours take place on Tuesday mornings from 8:30-11:00am. Tour dates for the 2018-19 season are:

October 23
November 13
November 27
December 4
January 11
January 15

You can sign up here or you can contact the Admission Office at 415.472.8007 or


November 3
January 12


K-1 Screenings
Screenings for grades K-1 take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9:00-11:30am. Screening dates for the 2018-19 season are:
January 17
January 24
January 29
January 31
February 5
February 7

Grades 2-4 Assessment Mornings
Assessments for grades 2-4 take place in the morning, from 9:00-11:30am; please arrive at 8:50am. The dates for the 2018-19 season are:
2nd grade assessment: February 11
3rd grade assessment: February 6
4th grade assessment: January 30 & February 13

Grade 6 Assessment
Assessments for grade 6 will take place on Sunday, January 27 from 9:00am to 11:30am.

ISEE Testing
Applicants for 5th to 8th grades should take the ISEE. Mark Day is administering the ISEE test for Mark Day applicants on February 9 from 8:45am to 12:30pm. Please sign up on the ISEE Admission website using our Invitation Code VDU8MRPK. If you will be taking the ISEE elsewhere, please use our school code 054107 to have scores sent to Mark Day School.


Our regular application deadline for 2018-19 is Thursday, January 18.

Notification will be emailed on March 21 at 12:00pm.

Contract due date is March 28 by 10:00am.

"Mark Day School's caring culture is woven into the fabric of daily life, from the classroom daily gratitudes to the playground SEL lessons. And when you get all 400 members of the community, kids and adults alike, aligned around this lean-in, active, caring approach, it's a very powerful thing." - Mark Day School Parent

"Mark Day School graduates go to high school equipped with all the tools they need to succeed on every level." - Administrator, The Branson School