Affording Mark Day School

We believe that diversity, in its many dimensions, is a prerequisite for excellence. A diverse community enriches the experience of students, families, and faculty and allows us to be a stronger, more vibrant school--we become better thinkers, better collaborators, and better friends.

We know that sustaining diversity depends on an inclusive community and that creating an inclusive environment is our shared responsibility. We are committed to enrolling a socio-economically diverse community of families, and we work individually with families to help make our school an affordable option through Indexed Tuition, which takes into account their ability to pay. Currently, tuition for kindergarten through 8th grade ranges from $75 - $30,994. Tuition does not include fees, which are also indexed. Approximately 22 percent of our current families pay tuition below the top of the index.

To learn more and apply to pay tuition below the top of the index, please contact Rhona Lovett (415-472-8000 x1010 or You can also find out more information by clicking here.

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