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2nd Grade Science

2nd Grade Science

In science, 2nd graders begin with a unit on nutrition with the intention of learning about and creating a healthy body and mind. They learn about the five major food groups and study the covers of cereal boxes to identify specific marketing tactics companies employ to influence buyers. Students complete the unit by making their own applesauce, including writing their own nutrition labels, and participating in a blind taste test to compare it with store-bought products.

While studying Kenya, students learn about the country’s animals, the adaptations they need to survive, and the importance of conservation of their habitat. They also focus on the environmental movement sparked by Wangari Maathai. Second graders then use PebbleGo, a program that guides elementary research, to write a report on what they’ve learned.

During their unit on weather, students study weather phenomena, including extreme weather and the water cycle. In conjunction, they work in the Creativity Lab to design and make their own anemometers and test out their efficiency in a wind tunnel. 

Second graders also incorporate the garden into their learning, focusing on soil and bees (pollinators). Other units include the ocean, when students gain awareness of the interconnectedness of our climate, and space, during which students study the universe and planets, culminating in a research project to create their own planet.

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