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2nd Grade World Language

2nd Grade World Language

Students in grades 2 and above have selected Spanish or Mandarin, which they will continue to study throughout the year.

Spanish: In 2nd grade, the key focus is on increasing comprehension, accurate pronunciation of unique consonants and pure vowels, and building vocabulary. Students begin writing words and short sentences using workbook exercises and creative projects. They practice conversation with the teacher and in pairs, asking and answering questions, responding to instructions, and sharing likes and dislikes. Second graders also start to recognize the similarities and differences among traditions and customs of Spanish-speaking cultures, which are infused into lessons, with a focus on family, school, everyday objects, and the natural world. 

Mandarin: In 2nd grade, the key focus is on basic comprehension, pronunciation, and continuing to build vocabulary; students also start learning to form Chinese characters. They practice pronouncing consonants and vowels and putting them together. Once they have a deeper understanding of tone and tone marks, 2nd graders start writing Chinese characters. Chinese culture and traditions are infused into their lessons, with a focus on addressing different family members, the Lunar New Year, and the similarities and differences between Chinese populations around the world. Second graders also learn how to form sentences beginning with “I like” and “I love.”

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