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3rd Grade Science

3rd Grade Science

In 3rd grade, science and social studies share a common theme: Marin County; students’ year-long focus is learning all about Marin County by integrating science and social studies curriculum with a project-based approach.

Local field trips to a bounty of nearby sites like China Camp bring life into studies of the estuaries, plant ecology, animal life, and plant-animal dependency. There are two big units in 3rd grade science. During “Water, what are you?” students study the physical science behind the properties of water and learn about Marin’s unique watershed by visiting Lake Lagunitas. When learning about animal adaptation, students engage in a research project on a Marin animal, incorporating new technology like the iPad, research in the Learning Commons, and crafting a creative report. 

Their farm-to-table unit incorporates a field trip to the local Farmer’s Market; they also use ingredients from Mark Day’s organic garden to make salsa and salad dressing. In the spring, they plant the ingredients that the following 3rd graders will use to make their salsa.

Our outdoor education program begins in 3rd grade, with an overnight trip to West Marin, where the class hikes and has lessons with naturalists.

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