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3rd Grade Social Studies

3rd Grade Social Studies

In 3rd grade, science and social studies share a common theme: Marin County. Students’ year-long focus is learning all about Marin County by integrating science and social studies curriculum with a project-based approach.

The 3rd grade brings social studies home to Marin County, as students dig deep into the place we call home. It begins with identifying San Rafael on a map and producing a research-driven tour guide project. They learn about and make field trips to some of the services available here, including the Marin Recycle Center, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and the farmer's market. When they learn about local government, students visit the Marin Civic Center to enhance their understanding. Daily, students incorporate geography into their morning work and read the Scholastic News for current events once a week.

One of the most significant projects in 3rd grade is the biography project. As part of their non-fiction unit of study, students select a woman or person of color who has impacted American history. They learn to take notes from books and library databases as they create a “pizza box” biography with information about the subject’s early life, adult life, accomplishments, and interesting facts. The project culminates with sharing a speech in front of an audience of parents/guardians and classmates about their topic. It is the first formal public speaking moment for the 3rd graders.

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