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4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Social Studies

Fourth graders study the development of California from its first inhabitants (including theories about how they arrived here) to the time of statehood. Students begin the year by learning about immigration which includes a field trip to Angel Island. They discuss how the first humans came to California, then move into learning about native Californians. Students examine one tribe from each of the five regions of California, including the Coast Miwok.

Students also explore the conquistadors. Students learn about the gold rush and are assigned a mining group during which they engage in a variety of activities and play games—sometimes in costume! 

The trip to Gold Country is an eagerly anticipated highlight of their studies: Integrating skills from drama—with the creation of a character and backstory—with outdoor education, the students experience three days of living, and learning about, a key period of the state's history.

  • 4th Grade