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5th Grade Arts

5th Grade Arts

Drama: The cornerstone of our Drama Program is building ensemble based on trust, empathy, humor, respect and recognition of each actor’s unique qualities. That foundation supports the camaraderie and courage necessary for true collaborative storytelling on stage. Fifth grade drama students dedicate themselves to strengthening and expanding core theater skills; embodying character with emotional facility and fluidity, using voice and posture intentionally and creatively to connect with fellow performers and engage an audience, and risk-taking in pursuit of story. Students work from short, intelligently written, age-specific scripts that provide every actor with the opportunity to be up in front of an audience of their peers on a regular basis. We play more advanced theater games that are terrifically fun, but also target specific acting muscles that we will build every time we meet. All 4th-8th graders are eligible for participation in our annual fall play and spring musical productions. Students emerge from the Mark Day Drama Program bolstered by life enriching skills whether they choose to employ them on or off stage in their futures. 

Art: Art allows for divergent thinking, a way of looking at the visual world and responding with one’s own thoughts and visual ideas. Students learn to make sense of the world, explore their identity, and connect to their humanity. Students are guided to trust their imagination and inventiveness and develop confidence and skill. We teach technical skills while focusing on painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking. A wide range of art media is presented and applied. The arts integrate with other subject area curricula when appropriate, and each year we highlight a featured famous artist to provide the students with a connection to real-world history and stories about how artists work and relate to their time. 5th grade students continue to create with watercolor and tempera paint, markers, ink, and clay. One highlight of fifth grade is the working teapot. Each student designs their original teapot with a working spout, handle, and lid. Students receive individual feedback about their process and their products, and students maintain and keep an online, digital portfolio of their work to share with family members. The portfolio also provides a platform for feedback and student self-reflection about their work. Mark Day School hosts a schoolwide Art Show each April, and students proudly display their favorite works for the full community. 

Music: Every 5th grader continues to experience broad exposure to music, particularly as active participants in creating and performing music appropriate to their age. Students learn music from different cultures, and experience varied teaching methods and instruments to ensure that each child grows to appreciate music and gain confidence in their own ability and creativity to create and share music. We strongly believe in the value of making music as a community, whether it is through all school singing, class performances, or instrumental ensembles. In 5th grade, students continue to develop their ability to read and write rhythms and melodies and begin learning song forms such as the 12-bar blues. They learn to interpret these musical elements on a variety of instruments, offering many different access points for individual student learning styles, and they create and share their own original songs. Additionally, students learn about complex chord families, their construction, and the emotions they evoke in music. Students explore the world of music through active listening to a diverse range of musical genres and participate in various group activities and interactive games, fostering teamwork and creativity. Students continue to hone their skills on familiar classroom instruments like the ukulele and xylophone, allowing them to express their musical talents.

A highlight of 5th grade music is the chance for students to shine as a class ensemble. They participate in Mark Day School's Middle Division Music Showcases during the winter and spring seasons. These showcases provide invaluable performing experience, encouraging students to perform as a cohesive group, and put their musical knowledge and teamwork skills into action in front of the Mark Day School community.

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