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K World Language

K World Language

In both Kindergarten and 1st grade, students take one semester of Spanish and one semester of Mandarin. 

Spanish: Students are introduced to the sounds, structure, and vocabulary of Spanish within the context of themes such as family, numbers, colors, daily life, and customs in the United States and Spanish-speaking cultures. Music, games, videos, and repetition are incorporated regularly into the curriculum to enhance student learning.

Mandarin: In Mandarin, our Kindergarten and 1st grade students work on acquiring essential vocabulary, including colors, numbers, and words about oneself and one's family. Storytelling plays a big role in learning these foundational skills and concepts, both reading and re-telling stories. Movement, including songs and music, is incorporated along with vocabulary and sounds to help students learn visually, kinesthetically, and auditorily. By the end of Kindergarten, students are ready to pursue their language study in even greater depth. 

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