closing day speeches

Guidelines, Dates and Requirements, and Application

While all students will prepare personal statements to be presented at the graduation ceremony, the Closing Day assembly provides the primary opportunity for those students who would like to speak for the class as a whole. Graduates who want to prepare such a speech will need to apply to audition before the faculty and staff in the spring. We have 1-2 students speak on Closing Day.

Before applying, using the form at the bottom of this page, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines, dates, and requirements.

Delivery time: 2 minutes

The presentation can be in the form of a speech or a poem.

Speak for the class as a whole. Write in a style that conveys appreciation for Mark Day School and reflects what it means to be a graduate of this school. A fresh smile or metaphor can help unify your words. Humor may be introduced, if appropriate, but the overall tone of the address should be elevated and inspirational. Avoid cliches and button your speech with a strong conclusion.

If personal anecdotes are included, they should be woven in with Mark Day School memories that you shared with your class as a whole. Be sure of your facts. When expressing gratitude to classmates, family, and teachers, it is best not to mention individuals by name on the chance of disappointing someone whose name was accidentally committed. The tone of the presentations should be inclusive, upbeat, and positive.

You are required to show an outline of your speech to Mr. Behrman before sending in your online application.

Some things to think about as you write:

  • What values do you hope your class will carry with them as a result of being here?
  • In what ways has the class grown as a result of being here?
  • How have you learned to adapt to change and/or work through difficulty?
  • How have you learned to appreciate and celebrate differences?
  • How have the Seven Pillars of Character helped the class?
  • What things are important in student life at the school and why?

Dates and Requirements

In the spring, set a time to go over your proposed Closing Day speech with Mr. Behrman. His permission is required before you can apply to audition. He will also help you edit your speech. Ms. Truss will be available to coach you to be sure you are speaking effectively and staying within the time limit of 2 minutes.


  • May 10: Online application is due by May 10, 2019. Remember, students must see Mr. Behrman before applying.
  • May 16: Come to the music room on May 16, at 12:30pm, prepared to audition for the faculty and staff.
  • Last week in May: Hand in the final copy to Mr. Behrman by the last week in May. Format: double-spaced, 14-point type.


Application is due by April 28, 2017. Mr. Behrman's permission is required before application is submitted. A copy of this online application is automatically sent to both Ms. Gordon and Mr. Behrman.