Dress guidelines

At Mark Day School we recognize that gender does not fit within a strict boy-or-girl binary but rather is a spectrum. We strive to honor that understanding in our dress guidelines for Closing Day and Graduation.

Closing Day Assembly

Please wear clothing that is neat and clean, a little nicer than usual, but not fancy. You'll all be on stage. Options include solid-color, collared shirt or blouse and long pants or dark jeans in good condition, summer dress, or skirt and blouse. No caps. Please follow the dress code for appropriate dress fitting the occasion.

Graduation Ceremony

Clothing should reflect the quiet dignity of the morning ceremony. Graduation is at 10:00am. It is not the hour for evening clothes or fashion statements. Tuxedos, miniskirts, and evening gowns are for other times and places. Clothing should be simple, comfortable, and of moderate cost. Options include dark sport coat and necktie, tailored slacks, white dress shirt, dark socks, white or light-colored dress, knee-length or longer, pantsuit, dress shoes, flats or heels. The School will provide flowers for each student; students have the opportunity to choose between a few options.

Indexed tuition at Mark Day School includes the purchase of clothes for graduation and closing day. Please contact our Indexed Tuition Coordinator, Wendy Broderick (wbroderick@markdayschool.org), with requests or questions.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Gaelle Gordon at ggordon@markdayschool.org.