Music performed by members of the graduating class adds beauty to both the Closing Day assembly and the graduation ceremony. Students wishing to perform at one of these programs need to apply to audition in front of the faculty and staff in the spring.


Students should have no preconceived expectations as to whether the Closing Day assembly or graduation will be the venue for their performance. The best choice is music that is uplifting and elevated in tone and not somber. A balance between vocal and instrumental music and the interplay of the pieces with the tone of the spoken words of each ceremony will be factors that bear on the faculty's decisions.

If there are more well-prepared musical presentations than can be reasonably handled in the two programs, the faculty may decide that one or more of the presentations would be better enjoyed at the mentors' assembly.

Before applying, use the form at the bottom of this page and familiarize yourself with the guidelines, dates, and requirements.

Dates and Requirements
Time Limit: 2 minutes

Mr. Wilkerson's approval is required before a student can apply to audition in front of the faculty. It is the student's responsibility to go to him.


  • Last week in April: Online application is due by the last week in April. Between their return from outdoor ed and the audition on May 16, those students who have applied to perform music should plan to work with Mr. Wilkerson to be sure their music is performance ready. Remember: Students must get approval from Mr. Wilkerson before applying.
  • May 16: Come to the music room on Thursday, May 16 at 12:30pm prepared to audition for the faculty and staff. COME PERFORMANCE READY. Students are expected to present their music at the same level of proficiency that will be required on the day of the event.


Application is due by the last week in April.

Mr. Wilkerson's permission is required before application is submitted.

A copy of this online application will be received automatically by both Ms. Gordon and Mr. Wilkerson.