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Learning Commons

Our two-story Learning Commons, which houses the school’s library collection, is a hub of reading, storytelling, research, and collaboration. It features two main spaces, with the first story specifically designed for younger students and the second for older students. Furniture is flexible to accommodate for varied activities and individual and group work. 

The Learning Commons is also the heart of our media & information literacy program, which guides students to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of formats.. 

Our full-time Director of the Learning Commons and staff work with students in all grades on specific projects and upon teacher request.

Lower Learning Commons

In the Lower Learning Commons, students primarily in grades kindergarten through 5th meet for regularly scheduled classes with our Director of Learning Commons to further their reading and research skills. There are books for every student to read and enjoy and a dedicated storytelling corner. Bookcases and tables sit on wheels so the space can adapt to the needs of every class and foster collaboration.

Upper Learning Commons

In the Upper Learning Commons, students primarily in grades 4th through 8th utilize the space for reading and research. Vibrant circular couches sit on wheels for easy movement to adapt to every need and to create the most efficient learning environment. There are also two quiet study rooms for small group collaboration and one-on-one tutoring.

Reading Programs

At Mark Day School, we promote a love of independent reading beyond what students learn in the classroom. 

Our Skylion Seal Book Club is a casual and fun way to share the reading experience through one common book. Students in grades 4-8 are welcome to join the weekly meeting in the Learning Commons.

Starting in 3rd grade, students can choose to participate in the Bizjack Reading Program by completing a variety of extracurricular reading assignments and projects. Participants receive special recognition from Mr. Harvey at the “Mark Day Reads!”assembly at the end of the year. Students who participate consecutively through 8th grade receive special recognition.

The annual Book Exchange is a beloved event organized by the Family Association volunteers. Books are collected within our community and for one evening, all are invited to come and fill bags with free, new-to-them literary treasures. All that and a delicious dinner make this an excellent community builder around books.

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