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Our athletic program offers a variety of school sports teams for students in the Marin County Middle School League. 

We encourage all our students to play a school sport and no previous experience is necessary to join a team. Practices take place twice a week directly after school. We make sure there is a place for every student to participate in whatever sport they desire. Above all, we value learning, effort, character development, and a commitment to fair play.


G6-8 Girls+ Volleyball

G4-8 All-gender Cross Country

G6-8 All-gender Flag Football

Winter Sports

G6-8 Girls+ Basketball

G6-8 Boys+ Basketball

Spring Sports

G7-8 All-gender Golf

G4-8 All-gender Track & Field

G7-8 Boys+ Volleyball

Athletics Philosophy

  1. We are teaching a developmental-based program. We want all athletes to develop personal character, a sense of teamwork, life lessons about commitment and perseverance, and specific athletic skills in an environment that is fun and inclusive.
  2. We subscribe to the Positive Coaching Alliance approach. Coaches are teachers and maintain a team culture that is positive, supportive, fun, inclusive, and skill-building. Positive, specific feedback to athletes should be frequent and delivered with respect and enthusiasm.
  3. Every athlete learns and grows. Coaches help athletes set individual growth goals and provide individualized guidance toward those goals. 
  4. Every athlete experiences quality playing time. Playing time allows athletes to apply developing skills in authentic moments and learn from mistakes. It is often best to leave a player in the game even after an error so they can recognize it and apply the learning right away. In 6th grade, coaches rotate all players according to a prearranged pattern, even if the game is close. In 7th grade, coaches might use prearranged rotations and then vary them for certain situations some of the time. In 8th grade, coaches can make playing time decisions with a more specific eye towards winning while ensuring that every player experiences quality playing time in each game. 
  5. Coaches are highly observant and praise controllable decisions from athletes. Coaches praise athletes in the moment and with specificity for things like passing, communicating, and hustling as well as success with individual skills they might be developing. 
  6. Coaches are Mark Day School teachers and parents/guardians. Coaches are expected to teach and lead teams consistent with the school mission, philosophy, and pillars of character (on the next page). Coaches need to model positive, professional and respectful interactions with officials. 
  7. Mark Day School teams are gender-inclusive. Students may join a team that matches their gender identity. 
  8. Parents/Guardians of players are expected to support the above philosophy, allow the coach to lead and teach the team, and help arrange/provide transportation for games and events. A team parent volunteer who leads coordinating transportation is incredibly helpful for each team. If parents/guardians are available to help with scoreboard or booking of stats during games, they should reach out to Cody Fusco, Athletic Director, who will coordinate volunteers for those roles. If parents/guardians have questions or concerns, they should also reach out to Cody Fusco.