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Clubs & Affinity Groups


From getting their hands dirty in the garden to practicing chess moves to watching old sci-fi films, there are a multitude of opportunities for students to gather around common interests.

Chess Club & Chess Team (K-8)

Students play chess with their friends to hone their strategic thinking skills.

Green Thumbs

Students eat lunch in the garden and explore its many plants and flowers.

Just Imagine Club

Students meet every Friday to watch classic science fiction films.

Mandarin Club

Students dive deeper into the language and culture, with Chinese writing, storytelling, and games; students don’t have to be taking Mandarin to join Mandarin Club.

Mathletes (G6-8)

Students work together to tackle challenging math problems and compete against teams from other schools.

Skylion Seal Book Club (G4-8)

Students gather weekly to connect with fellow book lovers, discover and share new books, and participate in fun activities.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are safe spaces where students—and faculty/staff—can come together with a common identity to talk about their experiences and concerns and discuss issues that are specific to that identity. Most affinity groups are student-driven, and may change from year to year, and all student groups are led by an adult.

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