Mark Day School
39 Trellis Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Student Life

A lunchtime concert by students in the rock band elective, Upper Division mentor groups playing a game of "surprise evolution," 1st graders and their 5th grade buddies making friendship bracelets for students at our South African partner school. Life at Mark Day School underscores our commitment to integrating disciplines, creating community, and offering many opportunities to pursue interests.

Children here are encouraged to work and play collaboratively, enabling them to build healthy relationships and interact in positive and productive ways. Our reciprocal partnerships, intentionally built among students and with other schools and organizations, enhance academics, global awareness, and social-emotional learning.

Twice-weekly assembles--including monthly talent and joke assemblies (where the winner is awarded the coveted rubber chicken)--not only give us a sense of togetherness but also provide opportunities for students to practice public speaking and leadership skills. Drama productions offer a guaranteed role for every student who auditions. Students sing and perform together in choirs and bands and compete together in sports, Mathletes, and chess. And many extend their day together with our popular after-school classes.

Our curriculum is richly enhanced by field trips, outdoor education, cultural celebrations, and special guests in classes and assemblies. Mark Day School offers experiences of breadth and depth, in which children learn to know themselves and each other.