Mark Day School
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San Rafael, CA 94903

Adventures After School

We are pleased to continue offering a wide range of enrichment classes in our AAS program for students in grades K-8. Classes are held on campus and offer students wonderful opportunities to enjoy shared experiences with friends, learn new skills, and build self-confidence--in a fun, supportive, safe environment.

Classes are taught by experienced and talented teachers from our school and by partners and friends in our community. Each course is designed to help students develop a love for learning and explore new and different experiences. We are confident that you will find an enrichment class that is of interest to your child. The program is open to Mark Day School students as well as students from other schools.

Classes meet once a week during weekday afternoon, eight to 12 times a semester (see online course description for scheduling details). The AAS program has two semesters--fall and winter/spring.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Sikkel at

(available for Mark Day School students only)

Grades 4-8
Taught by Brian Wilkerson

Grades 1-6
Taught by Lanette and Jeff Gordon

Private Violin Lessons
Grades 2-8
Taught by Rimma Medvedeva

TGA Premier Golf
Grades 1-5
Taught by Erika Lonson

Drawn to Draw
Grades K-3
Taught by Barbra Paul-Elzer

Grades K-3
Taught by William Higgins

Creative Movement
Grades K-5
Taught by Casey Thorne

Coding (multiple classes)
Grades K-8
Taught by Whizara