Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program, for grades 3-8, allows students opportunities to explore the natural world during unique and rewarding field experiences. Outdoor Education trips are invaluable in strengthening students' relationships, both with one another and with their teachers. Students develop self-reliance, independence, cooperation, and trust. They gain an appreciation of wilderness areas, insight into human interdependence with the environment, and awareness of the delicate ecological balance. Trained outdoor educators lead the students in fun and challenging activities. Where relevant, teachers integrate students' outdoor experience with the science and history curricula.

Third grade students venture on a two-day trip to Walker Creek in West Marin. Naturalists lead them on short nature hikes to study garden, pond, creek, and bay forest ecosystems. The 4th grade spends three days at Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, near an historic mining town, complementing their study of California history. Fifth graders camp for three days at Big Sur, where they explore both the forest and the seashore. Sixth grade students camp at Pinnacles National Monument for four days, rock climbing and discovering the area's geology and ecosystems. The 7th grade spends five days in Yosemite, which presents them with the challenges of wilderness backpacking. In 8th grade, students travel to Oregon for a week-long white water river rafting trip down the Deschutes River.

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