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2022-23 donations to The Mark Day Fund as of 10/31/2022.

Stacey and Chris Abate

Martha Aguiar

Ramesh and Julian Allen

Devin and Adam Alper

Suzanne and Gary Alpert

Dawn Aotani and Robert Anderson


Erica and Ben Applestein

Paul Austin

Denise and Toussaint Bailey

Jackie Bango

Brooke and Michael Beck

Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt

Milana and Gregory Berguig

Sam Blattner

Sara Schwartz and Kenneth Blum

Allyson LaBarbara and Alexis Bondaz

Chris Broderick '06

John Broderick '10

Wendy and Patrick Broderick

Ashleigh Brody

Amy Adkins and Evan Brown

Amber and Ryan Brown

Silvia Buckley

Jessica and Darragh Caffrey

Kelly Campagna

Katherine Hatch and Robert Carlson

Tracy Caton and Howard Cummings

Katherine and Winston Chan

Archie and Vijay Chattha

Joyce Chen

Mercy and Donny Chiu

Courtney and Jack Coghlan

Mary Contreras

Geneva and Jack Conway

Kimberly and Brett Corbett

Maria Coronado

Dominic Cox

Veronica Gushin and Roger Crawford

Sue Crowther

Kim Danforth

Leyla Mirzazadeh and Prathap Dendi

Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm

Stacey and Mark Egide

Sara and Nicholas Egide

Pamela and Bryce Emo

Katy and Tim Evans

The Faber Family

Carol Faulhaber

Meghan Schafer Fraser '88 and Jonas Fraser

Griffin Freitas

Cody Fusco

Tiffany and Brandon Gantus

Jo Ann and John Gantus

Leslie Garber

Andrea Garcia '12

Rika and Balaji Gopinath

Gaelle and Brian Gordon

Victoria Argumedo and Nick Gordon

Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf

Reetika and Sajot Grewal

Katrina Griffiths

Anna Semenova and Hayk Grigoryan

Savannah Guinn

Allison and Noah Hagey

Allison and Jeff Harper

Veronica and Robert Harris

Jed Harvey '18

Joe and Amanda Harvey

Teri and Brian Hauswirth

Rita Hayes

Sophia and Robert Hee

Jennifer Anuhea Hewett

Melisa and David Hickman

Wes Howell

Julia Huo-Kuramoto and Ben Kuramoto

Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang

Chelsea and Marc Ialeggio

Kevin Jacobson

Maurice Jefferys

Olivia and Alfredo Jiménez

Donna Dolislager and Alan Johnson

Megan and Pete Karlen

Ray Karter

Mary and Andrew Kayser

Jennifer and Jonathan Kelly

Fay and Ron Kelly

Katie Kelso

Karen Klier and James Leventhal

Carolyn and Caleb Krasnor

Mary and Scott '06 Lamson

Keala and Steve Landry

Wendy Morris Levine '89 and Marc Levine

Steven Murphy and David Lowe

Thuy Le and Keith Lu

Christine and Jim Maguire

Amy Leung and Alan Mainwaring

Elizabeth and Donald Manning

Paul and Megan Mariani

Sara von Schilling and William Martin

Devon and Hunter Marvel

Beiry Mendez and Ilver Mazariegos

Christine Metzger

Heather and Stewart Mitchell

Noemi and Chuck Moore

Gabriela Morgan

Chelsea Moylan '02

Hadley Mullin '88 and Dan Kalafatas

Stacy and Mark Nelson

Eileen O'Hare

Jessica Ozberker

Lisette and David Parisi

Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin

Dennis Phelps

Kenneth Pledger

Heather Rael

Leigh and Thaddeus Reichley

Daniel and Ashley Reid

Hannah Reilly

Lily and Andrew Riesenfeld

Andrea and Ori Rijo

Katherine and Gustavo Rincon

Emilie Rohrbach

Ellyn Santos

Gabriela Canto and Jorge Semerena

Bonnie Seyranian

Katherine and Patrick Shannon

Laura and David Shapiro

Sophie Shulman '02

Leila and Mike Sinclaire

Jennifer Southern

Legare and Todd Speece

Amy Rice-Jones and David St. Martin

Renee Surcouf

Mandy and Scott Tachiki

Caroline and Alexander Towery

Denise and Quoc Tran

Ame Sagiv and Luigi Troccoli

Lydia Tuveson

Molly Tuveson

Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen

Steve and Rita Voss

Orna and Edward Weisberg

Judy and John Willenborg

Wenhui Gao and Jun Wu

Cristin Yang

Grace and James Yu

Javier Zapata Webb

Amy Zimmer

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