Mark Day School
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Thank You, Donors!

2021-22 donations to The Mark Day Fund and 8th Grade Endowment as of 10/7/2021.

Ramesh and Julian Allen

Jackie Bango

Lindsay and Tony Bartsh

Lisa Becker and Tom Schmidt

Sam Blattner

Beth and Kirk Bonzell

Robert Bowers

Chris Broderick '06

John Broderick '10

Wendy and Patrick Broderick

Amber and Ryan Brown

Silvia Buckley

Kelly Campagna

Tracy Caton and Howard Cummings

Thomas and Bella Chang

Joyce Chen

Helen Kennedy and Adrian Cheong

Courtney and Jack Coghlan

Mary Contreras

Geneva and Jack Conway

Maria Coronado

Sue Crowther

Kim Danforth

Leyla Mirzazadeh and Prathap Dendi

Stephanie and Ethan Dornhelm

Ann Wang and Jamie Durrani

Sara and Nicholas Egide

Pamela and Bryce Emo

Margot Enbom

Katy and Tim Evans

The Faber Family

Robin and Duncan Fallat

Darla and Jon Fisher

Wendy and Alexander Fraser

Griffin Freitas

Leslie Garber

Andrea Garcia '12

Kelly Giddings

Anna Gonzalez

Rika and Balaji Gopinath

Victoria Argumedo and Nick Gordon

Tamara and Tatian Greenleaf

Reetika and Sajot Grewal

Katrina Griffiths

Anna Semenova and Hayk Grigoryan

Joseph M. Harvey and Amanda Cashman Harvey

Rita Hayes

Melisa and David Hickman

Jayson Howe

Wes Howell

Maureen Wilson-Hwang and Boon Hwang

Chelsea and Marc Ialeggio

Olivia and Alfredo Jimenez

Emilio Jimenez

Victor Jimenez

Marina Juarez de Silva

Ray Karter

Lynne Miyamoto and Andrew Kawahara

Mary and Andrew Kayser

Katie Kelso

Dana Kirk

Karen Klier and James Leventhal

Mary and Scott '06 Lamson

Wendy '89 and Marc Levine

Daisy Lookinland '14

Frank Lookinland '16

Marielle Lyons '13

Chisoo and Norm Lyons

Christine and Jim Maguire

Paul and Megan Mariani

Chris and Richard Mazzola

Roxana and Manuel Morales

Gabriela Morgan

Jessica Ngo '01

Eileen O'Hare

Alex O'Neill

Francoise and Alp Ozberker

Fernanda Pernambuco and Zachary Partin

Heather Rael

Janice Richey and Ashley Ransom

Mary Laughton and Brad Rodrigues

Laura and David Shapiro

Sophie Shulman '02

Mary Sikkel

Ben Simmonds

Leila and Mike Sinclaire

Jennifer Southern

Amy Rice-Jones and David St. Martin

Courtney Tindall

Denise and Quoc Tran

Tori Truss

Aimee Foreman and Kevin Vosen

Rita and Steve Voss

Ecco Wang

Melissa and Jonathan Weinberg

Cristin Yang

Lacy and Lucas Zehner

Tobey Hiller and Phil Ziegler


Cash Back Rewards Program

Raise funds for Mark Day School - at no cost to you! Every year, the Parents' Association receives thousands of collars through the cash back rewards program. It's easy to give back to Mark Day! 


If your family or business shops at Amazon, our school can get cash back (0.5% of your purchase) every time you buy something. Bookmark on your computer or phone and set your charity to Mark Day School.


Register with eScrip

Register at and link to Mark Day School (#136558922) as your charity of choice. Mark Day School can get cash back (3% of your purchase) every time you dine at participating restaurants and shop at some of Marin's favorite local markets such as Scotty's or Woodlands Markets at no cost to you. There is a list of participating markets on the website under a page called Where to Earn.

Restaurants are not currently listed on eScrip's website but look for eScrip signs at participating restaurants or just ask. In the past, families have used their eScrip at restaurants such as The Trident, Rocco's, and Mountain Mike's Pizza.

Shop with a scrip card at United, Good Earth, and Nugget Markets

Email PA volunteer Jessica Lifland requesting 2021-2022 school year scrip cards from United, Good Earth, and/or Nugget Markets. Each store has its own card. Then, just hand your card to a cashier to scan when you check out. Mark Day School can get cash back (3% of your purchase) every time you shop at these favorite Marin local markets at no cost to you.

When requesting a card:

  • Please indicate which store cards you want and how many of each.
  • Include your mailing address so we can email the card(s) directly to you.

Additional information:

  • Good Earth cards from last year are still good.
  • Some United cards expired in July 2021 so please check the expiration date and if needed, ask Jessica for a new one.
  • Nugget card users will need to go to the Nugget Markets registration link located on the back of the cad and register as a participant before using the card.
  • Please note that Mollie Stone's is no longer participating in the eScrip program.

Questions? Contact PA volunteer Jessica Lifland.